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QRtrack.app - Time tracking using QR codes

With the QRTrack.app, you can easily measure employee attendance or track tools, cars, wrenches , and more in your business. You will have an overview of how much, when and where your employees worked, used company tools or company cars. The application allows any number of work projects and people. It also contains a calendar and a map of working projects. You will also see the current measurement overview on the home page.

The principle of measuring time using a QR code is simple

Use direct authorization or send your employee an authorization link via email. He will then be able to take a picture of your QR code (for time measurement) when entering the workplace or QR codes when picking up tools, etc. He must have a smartphone with an internet connection, a web-browser where he allows authorization and allows the use of the camera. We then recommend scanning the QR codes directly via our online QR scanner from the same already authorized browser. After scanning the QR code, the employee can start or stop the time measurement. If he enables GPS in his smartphone, his location will also be saved.

You can print and paste QR codes on your company tools or car and measure the time they are used.
When measuring employee attendance, you can hang out the printed QR code when entering the workplace.

It is also possible to project QR codes on devices with an internet connection with a web browser (Smart TV, tablet, etc.) and change them at any time arbitrarily and remotely. This way, you can prevent employees from reusing a previously scanned code and having to go through scanning the new code.
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